Tuesday 4 April 2006

2007 Renault Scenic Facelift Caught

These are the first ever images of Renault upcoming MPV. At the back of the prototype is light taping between the bootlid. The prtotype also shows larger front headlights, bigger, more wider lower grille. The grille could be taken of the Renault Megane Facelift. Rear lights are disguse for some unknown reason.

This facelift will consist of new bumpers (Front and back), lights, grilles and possibly bonnet too. This impression shows what the vehicl could look like when it goes into production.

Its a possibility that this could have been snapped in France. Also the spy images show a Renault Grande Scenic and the impression shows a regular Scenic. It also shares the same platform as the Renault megane so don't be fooled if people say "Renault Megane Scenic.

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