Monday, 11 February 2008

Chevrolet Epica pricing announced (UK)

On the 26th April, the Chevrolet Epica (which is almost as long as the BMW 5 Series sedan) will go on sale in the UK.

This front-driven four-door - which comes with a six-cylinder engine, air conditioning, cruise control, electric windows, an MP3 CD player, six airbags and 16in alloy wheels will be priced from just £13,595. That’s not just less than a Skoda Superb, it’s even less than the cheapest diesel-engined Ford Focus.

The Epica 2.0 LS will become the cheapest new six-cylinder car on the UK market. With just 143bhp under the hood, it won’t be the most powerful but it should be smooth-driving and comes with the option of an automatic gearbox. A 148bhp, 2.0-litre diesel option will also be available at £14,595 which could become popular amongst taxi drivers and families with a budget.

The Epica is built in Korea, and will be imported to Britain by Chevrolet UK alongside the Captiva 4x4.

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