Sunday 3 February 2008

Nissan dealers rips off potential GT-R buyers

A curious automotive writer called 15 dealerships throughout California, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Virginia and Washington to find out how much they would charge for a 2009 GT-R. Nissan dealers were charging anything from $20,000 - $60,000 in excess for the GT-R supercar. The GT-R has a sticker price of $69,000 and only 1,500 will available in the first year which could get you a Sentra and a 350Z.

Nissan is also threatening legal action against grey importers if they import new Japanese spec GT-R's into the UK. The GT-R went on sale in Japan in December 2007 with a price tag of £36,000. Nissan’s lawyers have written to grey importers warning that shipping in Japanese-spec models and selling them for a profit infringes trademark rights.

In other news, the first GT-R crash has happened in Hong Kong. Not much is known about the incident but the nose has been crumpled severely. Pictures can be viewed here and here

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