Friday 7 November 2008

Hyundai reveals new R- diesel engine

Hyundai has unveiled details of its newest diesel powerplant, the R-Engine, which is available as a 2.0 litre and 2.2 litre. The R-Engine will enter production next year and will be fitted into Hyundai 4x4s like the Tucson, Santa Fe and large saloons like the forthcoming i40. The new diesel featuring an electronic variable geometry turbocharger and an advanced engine control unit, pushes through 181bhp/184PS and 392Nm of torque as a 2.0 litre. More impressive is it's 2.2-litre clone, which makes 200PS of power, coupled along an astonishing 436Nm of torque.

To achieve Euro-5 emission compliancy, the all-aluminium R-Engine is fitted with a close-coupled diesel particulate filter plus exhaust gas recirculation with by-pass valve. Other features include an electronic variable geometry turbocharger and an advanced engine control unit. For reduced vibration and lower noise, the R gets a lower balance shaft which has been encased in a stiffened ladder frame housing for increased rigidity.

No economy or emissions details have been published but sources inside the company maintain that the 2.0 litre R-engine will set a new benchmark so expect CO2 output close to 120g/km and a combined fuel consumption of over 60mpg.

"R proves Hyundai's diesel development capabilities really are world-class. With diesels becoming cleaner and more fuel efficient all the time, there's a growing demand for diesel powerplants worldwide and Hyundai is well positioned to supply the market with the very best diesel technology," said Dr Hyun-Soon Lee, president of Hyundai's Corporate Research and Development Division.

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