Wednesday 5 November 2008

Supermini's to cost around £110,000 (UK)

Recession, redundancy, financial collapse... if you think times are tough now, insurance giant Norwich Union has another dose of bad news for us – the equivalent of a Ford Fiesta will cost £110,000.

The company has looked at prices of goods in the 1950's, compared them with current prices and estimated what they could cost in 40 years time.

In 1958 an Austin A55 cost £685, a Ford Fiesta costs from £8,695 today, so if the same percentage increase was applied now, in 40 years time an equivalent car would cost £110,369. The average house would cost a cool £12.2 million, while essentials such as a loaf of bread would cost around £27 and a pint of milk would set you back just over a staggering £5.


Anonymous said...

In 40 years time!? Jeez, over $200,000 for a subcompact car. Just imagine how much an SUV or luxury coupe or sedan would cost.

Laguna said...

I know. I can't believe it myself

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