Wednesday 19 November 2008

Volvo S80L introduced in China (CN)

From Sweden with love. If owner's can't be asked to tackle heavy congestion on Chinese roads, they'll be chauffeured driven in long-wheel based sedan's like the Ford Mondeo, Audi A6 and Cadillac SLS or a Volvo S80L sedan, which will be produced for and built in China.

Built at the CFMA Chongqing plant in China, the S80L aims to be a true flagship for the brand and enhance the perception of Volvo in China. In 2006, Volvo started to build S40's in China and after the success of that sedan, the company felt confident in promoting a strategy of local manufacture for the Chinese market.

The new sedan is a full 14 cm longer than a standard S80 and builds on Volvo's commitment to safety and quality. It features larger more comfortable rear seats and boasts high levels of standard equipment.

The Chinese marketplace has a host of extended versions of foreign sedans, the Volvo S80L will most likely compete with long-wheelbase versions of the Audi A6, BMW 5-series and the STS based Cadillac SLS.

Press Release:

Volvo Car Corporation proudly presented the Volvo S80L at the 6th Guangzhou Motor Show in south China. The S80L, a long wheelbase version of the popular S80 sedan, has been locally tailored and specifically designed for the market in China. Furthermore, the Volvo S80L will be locally produced in China. The new design was unveiled by Dr. Alexander Klose, CEO of Volvo Car China, and marks the acceleration of its localization plan.

Volvo Cars has enjoyed stable growth since entering China. It released its first locally built model, the Volvo S40, in 2006, to better address the Chinese market and the particular demands of Chinese consumers. The valuable experience which followed the S40's success further enhanced Volvo's confidence in promoting a strategy of local manufacture.

"Therefore, Volvo made a decision to produce its flagship sedan, the S80, in China, with upgrades to suit the tastes of Chinese consumers' and to meet the increasing demand for premium cars in China," said Dr. Klose.

Throughout its long history, Volvo has made safety its core value. Eighty years' of refinement and the accumulation of meticulous car-making techniques has enabled Volvo's flagship S80 to attain a leading market position. With top-level safety, quality, and design, the S80 has consolidated Volvo's strength and status among luxury car brands, maintaining its unique competitive advantages within the fiercely competed Chinese luxury car market. The all-new long wheelbase S80L is expected to further enhance the perception of Volvo's premium among Chinese consumers.

Bigger Space, More Luxurious Appointments:

The long wheelbase S80L is to be built at the CFMA Chongqing plant in China. And it is specially designed for Chinese consumers, with larger and more comfortable rear seat space. In addition, the S80L boasts top-level features and equipment. Volvo's world-leading innovative technology, guarantees premium appointments, a comfortable driving experience and unsurpassed safety. The S80L targets successful mature achievers who have a strong sense of responsibility for their families and the society.

Reflecting Volvo's Premium Quality, Technology and Safety:

To ensure the success of S80L's local production in China, Volvo has done a huge amount of preparatory work. Before the project even kicked off, technical experts and senior executives from Volvo visited China many times to inspect local suppliers and ensure the quality of locally produced parts and components. They also issued concrete and detailed requirements for every part used by Volvo.

Since 2000, Volvo Cars Safety Centre in Sweden, which boasts the most advanced testing facility in the world, has conducted over 2,000 crash tests. Many of Volvo's leading preventive safety technologies were invented there, resulting in the S80 and S80L's top performance in comprehensive safety protection.

The S80 has enjoyed critical success, resulting in many international awards, cementing its position in the premium car sector. The S80L shares all the features and qualities of the S80 sedan and it exceeds its sibling by being 14 cm longer and all this extra length appears in the rear seat creating an outstanding comfort for the passengers. The popularity of the S80 sedan has set a solid foundation for the introduction of the S80L in China. Volvo believe S80L's world leading safety technology, premium quality, and luxurious design will give it powerful market competitiveness and win the S80L a significant share of the luxury car segment in China.

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