Sunday, 4 November 2007

New Car: 2008 FIAT Siena

60 projects after little more than studied and two years and way of work, at last, Fiat Brazil launched the new generation of the Siena. Although its lines to be bolder and different of the found ones in Palio, the model still counts on the trend of style baptized for the mark of family feeling, also found in the Punto and future in the Linea - yes, Fiat disclosed officially that the sedan will arrives a year later which the new Siena clearly was inspired by. The model will have two versions of finishing and four types of engine;ELX (1.0 l, 1.4 l and 1.4 l Tetrafuel) and HLX (1.8 l). With a new it would carroceria, it received an identity proper. Its wider bumpers pass the impression of a bigger vehicle. The chromium plating, that is present in almost all the car and will be serial in the four offered versions, can be found in the frame of the grating and the lighthouses. The back is higher than of the previous generation, counts now on horizontal lanterns that go of the cover of the trunk until the lateral. Frisos also chromed is part of the posterior pára-shock, beyond the frame that involves new logotipo of the mark, placed in the center of the back cover. The renewed interior has coated fabric banks with discreter colors, stock markets in the behind part of the seats and one third support of regulable head. In the entrance version, the ELX, the panel of instruments have speedometer, count-turns, gradual marker of temperature with deep black color and a digital display that shows temperature, kilometrage, level of fuel and clock. The finishing is equal in the versions equipped with propellant 1.0 l, 1.4 l or 1.4 l Tetrafuel. The ELX counts on a vast list that serial equipment, as projecting with height regulation, has consoled central office with door-objects, door-cups, mirror in the pára-sun of the driver and the passenger, lateral Follow Me Home system.Equipment more looked by the customers as COMPACT DISC to player MP3/WMA, ABS, glasses and electric constraints, air-conditional hydraulical direction and however, continues being optional. The new Siena will have four options of motorization; 1.0 ELX Flex, 8 cv more powerful, that relieve 73 cv supplied with gasoline and 75 cv with alcohol; 1,4 ELX Flex, with 5 cv more than the previous version, being with 85 cv (gasoline) and 86 cv (alcohol); 1.4 ELX Tetrafuel with 80 cv (gasoline and gasoline without alcohol), 81 cv (alcohol) and 68 cv (GNV); 1.8 e HLX Flex capable to develop 112 cv with gasoline and 114 cv with alcohol. The new Siena was presented to the press and they evaluated the 1.4 version ELX Flex which can do little more than 40 km on 1 tank of fuel. Sales in January to October of this year, Fiat sold 71,219 units, a average of 7,000 vehicles a month.

With the new generation, the mark intends to have a growth around 26% 31% in 2008. To increase its participation in the market, that today is of 26%, the assembly plant intends to invest to R$ 5 billion 2008 to 2010, passing its production of 700 000 to 1 million of cars each year. The Siena will arrive on the market from 14th November and will not have any changes to the price for the entry level model.

1.0 Fire Flex - R$ 28,920

1.0 ELX Flex - R$ 33,660

1.4 ELX Flex - R$ 36,600

1.4 ELX Tetrafuel - R$ 44,960

1.8 HLX Flex - R$ 44,850

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