Friday 16 November 2007

Top import cars to reach South Korea next year

If your living in South Korea expect to see a few new faces at your local dealerships because for the first time, Nissan and Mitsubishi will be entering the South Korean market.

Nissan will be taking the Rogue, Altima and Murano from the U.S and bringing it to South Korea and Mitsubishi will be taking the i, Lancer, Galant and Pajero over.

Chrysler Korea:

Chrysler 300C/Sebring diesel sedan/Sebring Convertible/New Grand Voyager/300C SRT/300C Touring

Jeep Grand Cherokee facelift/Grand Cherokee SRT-8

Dodge Dakota facelift

Ford Korea:

Ford Mondeo/S-MAX

GM Korea:

Cadillac CTS/DTS Platinum Edition/BLS Diesel

Saab New 9-3 Convertible (facelift)/New 9-3 (facelift)

Volkswagen Korea:

Volkswagen Tiguan/9 BlueMotion models

Audi Korea:

Audi A3 facelift

BMW Korea:

BMW 650Ci Convertible

MINI Clubman

Volvo Korea:

Volvo all new XC70

Hanbul Motors:

Peugeot 207SW

Honda Korea:

Honda Accord 2.4, 3.5

Nissan Korea:

Nissan Rogue/Altima/Murano

Daewoo Auto Sales:

Mitsubishi Lancer 1.5/Galant 2.0/Pajero/i

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