Friday 11 January 2008

Mercedes restyles the S-Class sedan

The current S-Class came onto the market in 2005, 2006 for the UK and for the first time, we have a shot of the revised S-Class which is likely to be launched in 2009 alongside the S-Class hybrid.

At the moment, the test car pictured has disguised headlamps which are split into 2 seperate lamps that will feature on the 2009 E-Class.

With so many years to see the facelifted S-Class, we expect the front facia to be completely re-designed. The CL-Class was launched last year but we should see a facelifted CL in 2011 depending on the market but a year later (2012), we should see a new S-Class which will be offered in several different variants including a Pullmann, coupé, cabriolet, 4dr coupé (which could replace the SWB S-Class) and even a S-Class based Bentley rival!

S-Class Hybrid:

The S-Class hybrid is likely to be launched in 2009 alongside the facelifted S-Class. Few test mules have been sighted in Northern England undergoing some road-testing. The S-Class hybrid is thought to acheive 41mpg on a combined cycle and developing around 300bhp. Although the hybrid is in early stages of development, we would be surprised to see it in 2009.

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