Friday, 23 May 2008

FIAT announce's 500 cabrio

Watch out Mini Cooper, Fiat is on a roll. Following the successful launch of the 500 hatchback which outsold the Mini Cooper, Fiat has announced that a cabriolet will be joining the line-up next year.

This information comes from the manufactures styling director, Roberto Giolito, who revealed at a recent conference in Turin, Italy, that the car will feature a traditional fabric soft-top.

Giolito explained that the car will remain simple and affordable and that recent advances in fabric roof design will remove some off the perceived drawbacks. “They’re now tougher and more resilient through the use of new materials,” he told journalists.

Lower cost is not the only benefit of a fabric roof. The design also weighs less and takes up less room than a complicated folding hard-top which in the end should also improve fuel economy, performance and carbon-dioxide emissions.

Engine will also likely stay the same as the coupe, which means the new 70bhp 1.2 and 100bhp 1.4 petrol engines and the fuel efficient 75bhp 1.3 Multijet diesel will be carried over.

Also planned for production is a new wagon called ‘Giardinetta’ which translates to "garden" in Italian and is expected to be launched late next year.

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