Wednesday 28 May 2008

Upcoming Lexus rumors

Lexus is expanding their current range of cars. Recently introduced is the IS-F that rivals the BMW M3 sedan, Mercedes C-Class AMG and the upcoming Alfa Romeo 159 GTA. Although the schedule is 2 years out of date, it still gives a brief idea of what Lexus is getting upto.


'08 MY IS convertible:

According to Lexus insiders, Lexus has registered the following trademarks: IS 250C, IS 300C and IS350C. Presumably, the C stands for coupe or convertible. What's even more interesting is the trademark on IS 300C. Lexus doesn't sell an IS 300 anywhere so its likely the new model will fill the 100+ bhp gap between the IS 250 and IS 350.

Lexus didn't trademark a IS-FC or any other combination of those letters so a 2 door IS-F may not be in the Lexus future but the coupe could be marketed as the IS-F.

See spy photos here > Lexus IS coupe and cabriolet

'08 MY LX470:

Initially the LX470 SUV is due for a replacement in September judging by the schedule but the top 2 rows of black boxes have both got "06" typed on them, so its kinda confusing.

'08 MY LS900h:

Considering the name, LS900h is indicating a larger engine than the 5.0 litre V8 powered LS 600h which develops 435bhp. No information is currently available for the engine or model.


RX Series:

In 2009, we should see the all new Lexus RX SUV. Current engines are expected to be carried over and there will be a hybrid variant available.

"JX" Crossover:

Since the RX SUV is considered as a crossover to Lexus, does that mean Lexus is planning a proper crossover? Although its not known what the RX is named internally, could the Lexus "JX" crossover be real?

IS Series facelift:

In order to keep it looking nice and fresh for the small premium car market, the IS is readying for a minor facelift. There could even be a hybrid in the pipeline for the new IS.

"BS" small hatchback:

Although its been rumored for years and Lexus hasn't hinted at wanting a small premium hatchback, it seems that there will be no baby for Lexus so the "BS" could just be BS.

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