Saturday 17 May 2008

Nissan GT-R orders reach more than 1,500 units

Talk about being popular, although its not surprising that the GT-R orders have now reached 1,500 units in Europe. It follows in the footsteps of the Japanese market where 2,200 GT-R's were ordered and the U.S market selling out until mid 2009. Leading the way is the UK market with 970 orders taken.

56 Nissan High Performance Centres across Europe will be supplying the necessary specialist attention to the GT-R but before the 1,500 future GT-R owner receive their keys, they will be invited to a series of events where they get to see the car up-close and personal and have the chance to experience their new car's performance.

Nissan's Chief vehicle engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno said that the Euro-spec GT-R will receive a few tweaks that further improve the already impressive performance figures. The global GT-R has already undergone some minor tweaks like slightly stiffer springs and harder engine mounts, while the Euro GT-R will most likely be featured with new rubber bushes in the steering system and possibly a recalibrated rear differential.

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