Saturday 16 August 2008

2009 Dodge Challenger increases production (U.S)

With the Challenger production in full swing, the retro muscle car is slowly making its way into U.S dealerships.

"We can say that two Challenger SEs have already been delivered to buyers, and both were in Ohio," wrote Mark Mallie, Dodge Challenger marketing manager, in a recent posting. "You're the first on the block, the state and the nation." However, a few examples have made there way into the UK with more imports expected next year.

Angry bloggers continue to post comments, griping about agonisingly slow deliveries of the retro muscle car and steep mark-ups. "Some of us have been waiting for a Challenger SRT since December of '07," one wrote. "Only to have our deals/deposits canceled by the dealerships when the cars arrived on their lots — so they could mark them up by $20K over MSRP. Haven't we all waited long enough?"

Chrysler announced that the Dodge Challenger would have a prominent role in the Woodward Dream Cruise today. The company said its Dream Cruise display in Royal Oak, Michigan, will feature the Challenger, including Mopar's new drag-race version.

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