Sunday 24 August 2008

2010 Nissan Micra/March to be less "feminine"

The current Micra has been on the European market since 2003. To date, it's has 2 subtle facelifts.

According to Nissan design director, Shiro Nakamura, the upcoming Nissan Micra, which is already in the design stage, will adopt a more conventional and aggressive or sporty look that will appeal to the male buyers.

“There will still be a strong family look, but we do need to attract more male buyers,” Nakamura said. He also said the styling of the new Micra will not completely abandon the look first established on the mid-1990s Micra, which was built in the UK.

The Micra will be sold in India, Thailand and other parts of Asia. Europe and Australia will also receive the supermini.

Nissan is exploring the idea of changing the Micra’s name. With Nissan management believing the name Micra has become somewhat stodgy and unexciting, they see the advent of an all-new model as a fortuitous time to adopt a new, more vigorous moniker that Nissan christened its then smallest model back in 1992. However, a front-runner appears to be ‘March’, a re-badged Micra in Japan.

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