Tuesday 26 August 2008

2009 Seat Exeo and 2010 Tribu leaked

The EU Trademark office has leaked 2 of Seat's forthcoming vehicles. The leak includes the Exeo sedan and wagon, along with the Tribu SUV.

2009 Seat Exeo:

Images of Seat’s forthcoming Exeo saloon and estate have leaked onto the Internet after the design of the car was registered with trademark authorities in Germany. This isn't the first time a top-secret leak has happened. The E.U Trademark office leaked out the upcoming Mazda3 and MX-5.

The Exeo is based on the previous-generation Audi A4, and the images make clear that, apart from its new nose and tail, the Seat looks almost identical. The images also confirm for the first time that Seat will be using the A4 Avant bodyshell to produce an estate version of the Exeo.

Production of the car is scheduled to begin in December, with UK sales starting early next year.
Details of the prices, specifications and powerplant options will have to wait closer to its launch, but Seat insiders say the Exeo will be priced at a similar level to the Skoda Superb, suggesting a range from around £15,000 to £23,000.

2010 Seat Tribu:

At the Frankfurt 2007 motorshow, Seat unveiled the Tribu concept, it was announced that this three-door SUV model offered a preview of upcoming models. The full confirmation of the production model was announced earlier this summer when the brand's schedule leaked onto the web.

The EU Trademark office has struck again after these low resolution designs of the Tribu leaked out revealing the basic design of the model.

The design of the front fascia very much mimics the concept version, it features the signature Seat grille along with large air vents directly below the headlights and on the bumper. The rear takes a large step away from the concept's extravagant styling with a toned down production type style. The VW Tiguan based Tribu will only be available as a five-door when it is launched in 2010, rather than as a three-door as seen on the concept.

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