Friday 8 August 2008

Switzerland proposed to ban cars that emit more than 250g/km CO2 (CH)

The Green Party, who dislike cars, proposed to ban cars that emit more than 250g/km CO2 or weigh more than 2.2 tonnes in Switzerland.

The proposal would outlaw Lamborghini, Ferrari, AMG, M division and most Porsche vehicles in the country that gives us the Geneva motor show every year, leaving only four and six-cylinder cars, and superminis. Ordinary cars like the Kia Sedona, Jaguar XK coupe, Mercedes GL-Class and Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon will also be affected.

Like Californian law, Switzerland’s political system allows any individual to propose a law providing they get a sufficient amount of signatures to support it, and while it’s only a proposal at present, the idea might no be so far-fetched; Switzerland banned all forms of motorsport in 1955, following a fatal crash at that year’s Le Mans 24 Hours in which 80 spectators were killed, and that law wasn’t relaxed until last year.

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