Wednesday 13 August 2008

July sales figures decline for Dodge Durango (U.S)

The Dodge Durango sales figures declined so much, that last month, Dodge only sold 384 units of the Durango SUV. That's down by a staggering 85% a year ago. Even the Viper, Aspen and Pacifica outsold the Durango, despite the latter not in production anymore.

88 Vipers were sold last month, up 19%. Not bad considering the car is priced at $88,125. The discontinued Chrysler Pacifica crossover sold 447 units, the Aspen large SUV sold 1,213 units and the Dodge Sprinter commercial van (Mercedes Sprinter in EU) sold 1,098.

Poor sales figures are due to the vehicles fuel economy, styling and practicality. The Journey crossover is cheaper by around $7,700 and offers better fuel economy.

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