Monday 1 September 2008

Aston Martin to bring back Lagonda

Aston Martin is set to revive the Lagonda. A concept version of the new Aston is currently being developed at Aston HQ and is on schedule to be revealed at the Geneva motorshow next year in time to celebrate its 100th birthday in style.

Dr Ulrich Bez, boss of Aston Martin, said he plans to relaunch Lagonda as a sub-brand from 2012 in order "to develop cars which can have a different character to a sports car". It's a move that's meant to extend Aston Martin appeal beyond sports cars. According to inside sources the new Aston Lagonda will be unique, luxurious, dynamic and truly versatile and is set to rival the likes of Bentley and Rolls Royce.

Aston Martin currently sells cars in 32 countries, but CEO Bez believes the brand should launch new models that can appeal to more than 100 existing and emerging markets.

It's likely that Lagonda will offer a range of high performance, luxury saloons. A spokesperson admitted that the new models would be "more practical" than anything in the current Aston line-up, but he added that an SUV would be out of the question. Designs have yet to be finalised.

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