Friday 5 September 2008

Car sales lowest since 1966 (UK)

While motorbike sales rose around 22% last month, car sales in the UK have been nose-diving further. Supermini's are currently accounting for a third of new car sales and the share of diesel models has jumped to 43.2% of all purchases, with the VW Golf being the best selling diesel car. As a whole, the UK's new car market was 18.6% down year on year. A 33.8% increase in supermini sales indicate that buyers are looking for fuel efficient cars.

The Vauxhall/Opel Corsa remained popular in the supermini segment and the Ford Focus remained popular in the small-family car segment, despite a 5% decrease. Since the start of 2008, 5,000 Smart ForTwo's have been sold. Citroen sales in July were up by 1% but plummet by 13% in August. Chevrolet posted an increase of 13% last month. Despite decreasing sales for Nissan in the UK, sales were up 16% in August.

August is traditionally the slowest month in the calendar, taking just 3% of sales as buyers hang out for the new registration letter in September. But even so, just 63,225 new car sales in Europe's 3rd biggest car market is alarming. This is the lowest figure since 1966 according to SMMT. BMW reported an global increase of 2% year on year.

That represents a drop of 19% on last August and the UK's car market is running at 4% down on last year. 'The slowdown in the UK mirrors the difficult conditions being experienced across the main European markets,' said Paul Everitt, chief executive of trade body the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

The news is further confirmation that 2008 is shaping up to be the toughest year of the decade. Trade forecasts are now being cut, predicting new-car sales of 2.26 million this year and just 2.16m in 2009. It's going to get worse before it gets better...

Top-seller last month was the Vauxhall/Opel Corsa (3,527), Ford Focus (2,933), Vauxhall/Opel Astra (2,535), Volkswagen Golf (2,427), Ford Fiesta (2,212), Vauxhall/Opel Zafira (1,767), BMW 3 Series (1,466), Citroen C4 (1,367), Ford Mondeo (1,342) and Peugeot 207 (1,342).

Sales figures increased for:

Chevrolet - +13%

Daihatsu - +15%

Dodge - +54%

Jaguar - +12%

Kia - +25%

Lotus - +11%

Nissan - +16%

Smart - +105%

Volvo - +20%

Sales decreased for:

Aston Martin -26%

Bentley -18%

Chrysler -20%

Citroen -13%

Honda -10%

Jeep -20%

Land Rover -16%

Lexus -24%

Peugeot -13%

Porsche -27%

Renault -16%

Saab -25%

Suzuki -13%

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