Thursday 4 September 2008

New Car: 2009 Hyundai i20

The new i20 will replace the aging Getz hatchback when it hits European retailers in Spring 2009. Following on from the i30 and i10, the Hyundai i20 is designed for the European market with an emphasis on build quality, comfort and value. It will use a longer wheelbase than the Getz (2455mm), and will also offer a better-equipped, more spacious interior.

‘The i20 was designed and engineered to meet European tastes and needs,’ said Kun Hee Ahn, president of Hyundai Motor Europe. ‘It was built on an entirely new platform and much of the ride and handling development took place on European roads, which has created a firm and agile drive.’

It will be offered with 1.2 and 1.4 litre petrol engines, as well as a new 89bhp, 1.4 litre CRDi unit that will power the new eco-friendly i20 i-Blue that will also be unveiled at Paris.

A standard 1.4 litre diesel i20 will also be available from launch. A 3dr i20 will follow the five-door model a few months after the car’s launch in January next year.

More details of the new Hyundai i20 will be revealed when it gets its debut on 2nd October at the Paris motorshow, but expect prices to start at around £9000 for the five-door, with the three-door undercutting that by as much as £1000.

Debuting alongside the i20 will be the i20 i-blue concept, Genesis sedan and coupe, ix55 and Santa Fe hybrid. Based on the all new i20, Hyundai´s latest i20 i-blue incorporates a number of modifications. These improvements are achieved without compromising performance, reliability or driver satisfaction.

The i20 blue runs the extremely efficient 1.4 CRDi diesel engine, which produces 90PS and generates 220 Nm of torque, mated to a six–speed manual gearbox, instead of the cars usual five speed gearbox.

The regular i20 stands out for its low CO2 emissions and fuel consumption and the i20 i-blue is even more impressive, with just 99g/km/4.0 litres/100km or 68mpg UK and 57mpg U.S.

Along with the i20 i-blue concept, will be the Santa Fe petrol–electric hybrid.

Hyundai engineers have developed a parallel hybrid drive system, which mates the powerful 2.4 litre Theta petrol engine to a six–speed automatic transmission and a 30Kw electric motor powered by Lithium–ion batteries. The result is reduced CO2 emissions of just 148g/km on a combined cycle and a fuel consumption figure of 6.2l/100km/44mpg UK.

The ix55 had a European debut at the Moscow Motorshow. That show car will be powered by a 3.8 litre V6 petrol engine which won't be available elsewhere in the EU. The Paris show-car will be powered by a 3.0 litre CDRi V6, developing 240bhp. The SUV is likely to be sold in some European countries.

The Genesis saloon will also be displayed at the Paris motorshow. Hyundai will be taking the opportunity to see the reaction of the European public towards this luxury vehicle before deciding whether to launch it on the continent. The all new, RWD, 2+2 Genesis Coupe will be another highlight of the show. The Genesis Coupe may go on sale in the UK in response to the concept shown at last month's London motorshow.

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