Tuesday 9 September 2008

Teaser: 2010 Vauxhall/Opel/Saturn/Holden Astra

Updated: 13/09/08

Vauxhall/Opel has released teaser images of its new Astra family hatch. The next-generation Astra will get a new range of engines that will focus on offering more low-end torque and improved fuel consumption, and it will take much of the advanced technology from the new Insignia.

Due at next year’s Frankfurt motorshow in September, the Astra will be available with GM’s new Front Camera System that can recognise road signs as well as the Insignia’s Adaptive Front Lighting, which changes the headlight beam according to lighting conditions and weather.

Mark Adams, GM Europe’s vice president of design, said: “The present Astra already combines a high level of technical substance and emotional styling, but with the new car we are taking a big step forward in both respects while emphasising its sporting credentials.”

The new Astra will also take many of its styling cues from the Insignia, and it will also use the bigger car’s ‘wrap-around’ dash design in order to give a sense of premium quality. Expect the new 3dr to have its own distinct design including raked-back coupe styling to emphasise its position as the ‘sporting’ Astra.

Sales of the five-door should start in Spring 2010 in Europe, with the 3dr remaining under wraps until later in the year. U.S sales should start in late 2010 as a Saturn but as a 2011 model year. Like the current Astra, the U.S will only receive the 3 and 5 door variants.

Press Release:


5-door hatch to debut at 2009 Frankfurt Show

All-new, highly sophisticated chassis

New high-efficiency engines

Leading technology evolved from Insignia

The next generation Vauxhall Astra will receive its premiere at next year’s Frankfurt Show, delivering a compelling mix of technical innovation and groundbreaking design that promises to raise the bar in the compact sector. With its flowing lines and signature sculpted blade, the new Astra will carry the spirit of the Insignia into the compact class, offering customers a premium feel, while maintaining Vauxhall’s value for money promise.

Inside, the premium theme will continue, with a warm, wrap-around interior and a wing-line sweep that links the instrument panel to the door.

An all-new chassis promises to maintain the Astra’s reputation for class-leading dynamics, while new engines will maximise low-end torque to achieve miserly fuel consumption.

Also expect to see clever and practical features on the new Astra, taking inspiration from systems like the Corsa’s FlexFix integrated carrier.

The new Astra will major on technical innovation, such as the Front Camera System used in the upcoming Insignia, which combines traffic sign recognition with a lane departure system, improving occupant safety and potentially helping drivers avoid fines.

Next generation Adaptive Front Lighting (AFL) will also be shared with the Insignia. The system adapts to different road and driving conditions by providing nine unique light beams, improving visibility and safety during night-time driving.

This will be the fourth generation of the hugely successful Astra, which has sold over 2.5 million cars in the UK during the last 27 years.

The current model kick-started Vauxhall’s design renaissance when it was launched in 2004, and according to Mark Adams, GM Europe’s Vice President of Design, it presented his team with serious challenges: "The present Astra already combines a high level of technical substance and emotional styling, but with the new car we are taking a big step forward in both respects, while emphasising its sporting credentials."

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