Saturday 20 September 2008

Nissan Pathfinder facelift snagged in Spain

Updated: 13/09/09

Despite the SUV's thirst and huge dimensions, the Nissan Pathfinder is a successful vehicle even in times of high living costs and global economic slowdown. Today's Pathfinder had very subtle tweaks done to it and was marketed as a MY09 model. Spied testing in Southern Spain, the Japanese carmaker has decided to give the car a very minor mid-life facelift only, so tweaked front and rear bumpers and maybe a slight change of the grille should complete the facelift. The Navara pick-up will also receive the same updates.

All the rest of the exterior plus the car’s underpinnings, mechanics, engines and the interior will be left unchanged until the new model will arrive after 2012. Expect to see the revised Pathfinder in European showrooms in early 2010.


Anonymous said...

The number plate says its registered in Aachen in Germany!

Laguna said...

Thanks for spotting that out!

Anonymous said...

this is not true info. I own a pathy and did not see any changes at all. just another internet buzz

Laguna said...

This is true information. If you would direct your eyes on the rear bumper on the last picture, you will be a colour-coded rear skidplate.

Like the article mentioned, this facelift will be very minor.

Anonymous said...

The new Nissan Pathfinder 2010 will get a new diesel engine with approx.190 bhp in addition to minor upgrades.

Laguna said...

A new diesel engine with 190bhp? Have you got anymore information on the new engine Anon?

Official debut at the forthcoming Geneva motorshow

Unknown said...

I live in Spain and just got a price quote on the new model with the redesigned grill. I figure I will get this. Would be nice to wait for the V6 but I assume that the fuel consumption will definitely go up. I just drove the 174 hp version and really liked it so I figure the 190 will add just enough power for me.

new engine - 2.5 liter, 190 hp
emissions - 224g/km
city 10.8l/100 km
highway 7.2l/100 km
combined 8.5l/100 km

Laguna said...

At least the CO2 emissions are down from 264g/km and fuel economy has gone up :). The 3.0 dCi V6 will definitely push up fuel consumption and the price tag.

Thanks for the info :)

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