Wednesday 10 November 2010

2011 Chevy Cruze on target to outsell predecessor (U.S)

GM said the recently launched Cruze sedan is on course to outperform the Cobalt it replaces. Chevrolet dealerships sold 5,048 units, around the same number of Cobalt’s GM sold a year ago, last month.

The Ohio-built Cruze, in due course is expected to outsell the Cobalt. The Cruze sits on dealership forecourts on average of 8 days before being driven away by the customer.

GM executives claim that the Cruze is attracting a high number of young drivers, with more women buying the car. Roughly 22% of the early buyers were age 16-35 years old with more than 50% of buyers being women.

Chevy retailers report that the Cruze is attracting Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla owners.

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