Monday 8 November 2010

Nissan Cube sales wilt (EU)

Whilst the latest incarnation of the Nissan Cube is flourishing in its home market of Japan, European sales of the Cube have become frail.

Sales of the controversially styled Cube have been way below Nissan’s annual projections with many allotted units by country remaining unsold as the year draws to an end.

The UK has been the Cubes largest market, with 686 units sold, followed by Italy with 251 units. Nissan had anticipated selling 2,000 Cube’s in both markets. Dutch sales have been grim with only 107 Cubes sold.

We believe the Cube has flopped in the UK due to its high entry purchase price, looks (front fascia is apparently inspired by a bulldog wearing sunglasses), poor dynamics, hard interior plastics, expensive personalisation options and meagre fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The more practical, spacious and better driving Note can be brought for £3,000 less.

Nissan dealerships across the UK are heavily discounting the Cube. Ex-demonstrators are selling for less than £9,000, depreciating nearly 40% of its £14,000 price tag.

Speculation suggests that Nissan will be killing-off the Cube in Europe next year.

On the brighter side, in Japan the Cube has sold in excess of 1m units since its launch back in 1998 and is now in its third generation. U.S sales are also doing very well, with 20,000 units sold yearly.

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