Saturday 6 November 2010

Toyota recalls 12,500 iQ city-cars (UK)

Toyota UK will be recalling 12,500 iQs due to steering defects. The cars affect were built between 11th September 2008 – 22nd October 2010.

The problem is a steering sensor malfunction which can arise when driving over safety (rumble strips). This makes the steering more heavy, thus making the car difficult to manoeuvre.

Toyota says the dilemma had been seen in “very specific circumstances in Japan” but that there are no reported incidents in Europe.

The repair involves the update or replacement of the EPS control unit software. The job will take approximately two hours to complete, at no cost to the customer. Anxious iQ owners can call their local dealership for further information but all those affected will be contacted by Toyota.

The recall is part of a global recall of more than 135,000 cars.

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Clark County Traffic School said...

It seems Toyota trying fix out all their existing problems at single time so that they didn't get any set back in coming year, any way to bring back customers smile & confidance on Toyota it's very needed one.

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