Tuesday 2 November 2010

Cadillac relaunches again (UK)

For the fourth time in many years, GM is relaunching the premium Cadillac brand once again in the UK. However, only one dealership, in Manchester and few service points will be offered. A London dealership is likely in 2011.

Only a duo of its line-up will be offered in right-hand-drive; the CTS sedan and CTS sports wagon. Cadillac won’t be committing heavily to the European market as Infiniti. The CTS-V saloon, coupé and sports wagon will be available in left-hand drive only, alongside the SRX and Escalade large SUV’s.

Cadillac did plan to build right-hand-drive models but were abandoned when GM went broke, along with a diesel engine.

To add insult to injury (diesel engines are hugely important in the EU market), high list prices will be attached to each and every Cadillac. The rear-wheel-drive CTS is expected to start at an eye-watering £40,897 for the entry-level 3.0 litre 276bhp petrol engine. The 3.6 litre 311bhp will be offered alongside AWD. The SRX large crossover will be priced at £45,707 and this comes with a 3.0 litre V6 petrol engine that spews out 279g/km of CO2. The large Escalade SUV is likely to start from £60,000, before topping out at £71,489 for the Escalade Hybrid.

GM anticipates selling around 2,500 Cadillacs across Europe through 40 dealers, according to Wolfgang Schubert, Cadillac CEO. He refused to guess how many would be in the UK.

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