Monday 24 October 2011

Car cramming: Volkswagen Up! now accommodates 16 people

To show how spacious the Up! is, Volkswagen took 16 female employees and crammed them into the city-car for an informal world record attempt.

Squeezing two in the boot, one on the dashboard, seven on the rear bench, four on the front seats, two in the footwells with the boot lid doors, and windows closed, the publicity stunt is hardly record-breaking but at 3,540mm long and 1.640mm wide, placing 16 people (with room to spare) into a car that seats four passengers is staggering.

Car cramming has been around since the '50s. In 2010, 20 students broke a record in Wilmore, Kentucky, USA in the original Beetle. In January 2001, 27 students from Penn State Abington, USA squeezed into a New Beetle.

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