Saturday 8 October 2011

Video: Runaway, runaway; Driverless Ford Thunderbird reeks havoc in New Jersey

As the saying goes, always expect the unexpected. Unfortunately for these firemen in Wildwood, New Jersey, they weren't prepared for what was awaiting them....a driverless 1970 Ford T-Bird reeking havoc in reverse.

“We never had to deal with a car going in a circle,” Captain Christopher D'Amico said to NBC40 news. “We were concerned that it would change trajectory when it was bouncing up on the curb, that the tire would go in an opposite direction and send it into something else,” he stated.

The firefighters said the Thunderbird accidentally slipped in reverse while the driver and front passenger were swapping seats. “Soon as they got out, the car took off, they tried chasing it down, obviously, that's how the door got opened,” said D'Amico. D'Amico finally got the car under control by leaping into the cabin and swtiching the car off. One man suffered minor injuries when he tried to get into the car.

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