Friday 14 October 2011

Oh no you did'nt: Abarth employees steal €1m worth of parts

Around a year ago, an Abarth retailer noticed that it received an incomplete Esseesse (pronounce that eh-seh eh-seh) kit for a Abarth 500, so it complained to the factory.

Initially treated as an isolated incident, more and more dealers complained, with one dealer saying they didn't received a full kit. Alarm bells rang so the Italian tuner contact the Italian Carabinieri.

After an exhausting eight-month-long probe, the Carabinieri joined the missing parts to two Abarth employees, who supposedly pinched parts from the kits and sold them online at discount prices.

The Carabinieri estimated that over €1m (£873,000) worth of parts were stolen, ranging from bucket seats, to clothing, nothing was left out. Both employees were arrested, with twenty-three others either working for Abarth or for the Italian postal service were taken in for questioning.

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