Monday 14 May 2012

Video: Ferrari driver crashes into taxi, killing three [NSFW]

Over the weekend, a horiffic accident took place on Saturday morning in Singapore.

The driver of the ultra-rare Ferrari 599 GTO, indentified as a 31-year-old Chinese business man, Ma Chi, skipped the red light at apporximately 115mph (186km/h) when he plunged into a Hyundai Sonata taxi, carrying a Japanese woman, on the junction of Rochor Road and Victoria Street. The taxi then hit a young male motorcyclist, who escaped with minor injuries. The impact was so severe that the engine of the taxi landed 30 metres away from the accident.
The driver of the Ferrari died when paramedics found him and the cab's driver and passenger were transferred to the hospital with serious injuries. The passenger, 41-year old Shigemi Ito, later died and the cab driver, 52-year-old Tan Tock Seng died after receiving brain surgery. The young female passenger of the Ferrari, Wu Wei Wei, a student from Wuhan, China, and the motorcyclist, remain hospitalised.

Ma Chi, said to be married to a Chinese television presenter, was reportedly suffering a heart-attack at the time.

The Associated Press reported that the accident has sparked a strong "anti-foreign sentiment" throughout the country with many people posting online attacks on Chinese and other foreigners, as well the Government's immigration policies.

Only 599 units of the approximately $400,000 special edition GTOs were built, each capable of accelerating to 62mph in 3.35 seconds and hitting a top speed of around 208mph (335km/h).


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