Saturday 28 June 2008

BMW working on a larger SUV than the X5?

BMW may build its extra-large X7 SUV. The newcomer is suppose to rival the Mercedes GL-Class, which itself has proved fairly popular. Judging by the name, the X7 could be based off the 7 Series sedan, like the X5 is based on the 5 Series.

Sources within BMW are saying that the project is currently snoozing because BMW wants to see what happens with the U.S SUV market. At the moment, things aren't looking good as most customers are converting to more fuel efficient cars like the Honda Civic. This could make the German car-maker cancel the project.

The SUV segment is under extreme fire from environmentalists and generally anti-SUV groups, hence why the BMW X3, X1 and Mini SUV are arriving. The X7 would only work if alternative fuels like hydrogen and hybrid technology become more mainstream.


Anonymous said...

What they need a X7? Anyway they have already X6. No? And once the X7 price will increase quite significantly. Not to take into account and that gas has reached more expensive than gasoline in some countries. We'll see.

Laguna said...

Like I said, the X7 is needed to rival the Mercedes GL-Class. The X6 is a class-less vehicle.

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