Monday 16 June 2008

Mazda Kazamai concept to be revealed at Moscow Auto Show (RU)

Updated: 15/07/08

Mazda is set to unveil an SUV/crossover, primarily designed for the Russian market at the Moscow International Automobile Salon in Russia on the 26th August.

Mazda has been working on several ideas in their new design direction called Nagare or 'flow', and this latest concept uses the 'crosswinds' theme. Mazda has not released any details except that the concept car will be a sporty, compact crossover SUV. The concept sits on 22 inch wheels.

The powertrain consists of a next-generation direct injection engine and a newly-developed transmission which passes power to all wheels via its four-wheel drive system. The driving dynamics have been developed to create a fun-to-drive vehicle and Mazda states that if the model makes it to production form, we can expect frugal fuel consumption and greatly reduced CO2 emissions.

Russia is fast becoming an increasingly important market for the Japanese automaker where the SUV segment nabs almost 20% of the entire car market and the market is set to take over Germany in coming years in Europe. The Moscow Auto Show will kick off for the press 26th August and Mazda will have their press release at 10:15 am local time.

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