Friday 13 June 2008

Nissan X-Trail diesel prototype heads for G8 Summit

Nissan has announced that it will showcase an X-Trail Clean Diesel prototype in July at the G8 summit, followed by the launch in September of the production version of the X-Trail diesel in Japan but a worldwide launch hasn't been ruled out.

The Japanese automaker said that Group of Eight summit attendees will be able to test-drive the X-Trail Clean Diesel prototype, an SUV vehicle based on an M9R diesel engine co-developed with French parent Renault. In a statement, Nissan said the prototype "employs advanced technologies to deliver high torque and powerful acceleration, in addition to improved fuel economy.

"Yo Usuba, Nissan's senior vice president for power-train development, said that the new X-Trail can get up to 30 percent better fuel economy than its petrol counterparts and similar torque levels to a 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine. He would not provide pricing or volume information on the diesel X-Trail.

Nissan noted that the diesel X-Trail is part of its "Green 2010" plan. It has said it plans to debut a clean-diesel version of the Nissan Maxima in the U.S. in 2010.

The X-Trail goes on display on the 19th - 21st of June at the "Integrated Exhibition of the Environment" in Japan and later at the G8 summit on 7th - 9th of July.

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