Friday 27 June 2008

Man rigs fuel pump so friends can have free gas

Thanks to surging fuel prices, an unidentified man managed to unlock a gas pump at a Citgo station in Southern Florida, allowing his friends to steal an estimated 100 gallons of petrol. The thefts happened on Friday night, just after midnight and according to the owner of the petrol station Frank Veloso, seven cars managed to get away with free petrol. The owner believes that the man used a master key to open up the gas pump.

"It's not our fault that the prices of petrol have gotten so expensive, but now because of the expenses that we have to incur to protect ourselves, it only makes sense that we're going to have to raise prices even more," said Frank Veloso Jr., the owner's son.

In related news, the police have revealed an huge rise in the number of fuel thefts from cars, as petrol prices continue to soar. Petrol thefts have increased by an enormous 75% this year, with criminals siphoning fuel from other motorist’s tanks.

4 days ago, a farmer’s wife from County Durham died of a heart attack after her husband confronted a man who was stealing diesel from the couples farm.

Petrol now costs an average of 118p per litre but with diesel hitting 131p, the fuel siphoning gangs are targeting the tanks of large agricultural vehicles, and static tanks that farmers have on site.

A recent AA survey revealed that two out of three drivers plan to vote against Labour if petrol rises above £1.25 per litre. President of the AA Edmund King commented; “All political parties should remember that there are thirty-two million driving licence holders out there and most of them have the vote.”

The deepening crisis comes after PM Gordon Brown attended a fuel summit in Saudi Arabia where he argued for an increase in oil production to stem the rising costs of refined fuel.

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