Friday 1 May 2009

2007 Ford Fusion vs American Buffalos (U.S)

In order to create some buzz, Ford USA posted this story on their media site. Ford released this image along with the story the owner of the '07 Fusion sedan, 51 year old Maureen Edgerton from Montana, who had an unfortunate encounter with a heard of buffalo near Yellowstone Park as she was driving home on 11th April 2009.

According to Ford, the 55mph impact killed several of the migrating "American buffalo" on a snowbound motorway, but Edgerton managed to leave the scene with only minor scrapes and bruises.

"While Ford Motor Company does not have specific requirements to protect customers in collisions with bison or other animals, all of the company's vehicles are designed and tested to meet rigorous crash safety requirements," said Ford in a statement released to the press.
"These requirements help protect occupants in all sorts of collisions, even with bison, which can grow to more than 6 feet tall, 11 feet long and weight more than 2,200 pounds."

Edgerton said: "The crash was like a war scene. By the time it was over, the hood was smashed in, the mirrors were ripped from the doors and the windshield was shattered, but the interior of the car wasn't affected whatsoever. And the car was still running and not leaking fluid and the tyres weren't deflated. Everyone who came to the scene asked 'what kind of car is this?' because they couldn't believe it was possible to walk away from such a crash."

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