Saturday 9 May 2009

Hyundai set to bring 100 Equus sedans to United States (U.S)

Hyundai is planning to ship 100 units of its Mercedes S-Class rival to U.S dealerships this Summer, which would explain a recent sighting of an Equus sedan with California distributor licenses plates that was spotted just outside L.A. According to a report, the idea behind Hyundai's decision is to gauge what American consumers think about the company's flagship model that was recently launched in Korea.

Hyundai believes that if it the Equus were to be successful in the U.S, it would hugely benefit the image of the company. "It would decisively shift public opinion in our favour. It would be the capstone," told the newspaper Oles Gadacz, a Hyundai spokesperson at the company's Research & Development complex outside Seoul. Prices are likely to start from $50,000 rising to $75,000.

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