Saturday 16 May 2009

€23,000 blows out of Audi cabriolet (DE)

A motorway in Hanover, Germany had to be closed yesterday after more than £20,000 blew off the back seat of an Audi A3 Cabriolet that was being test driven. The driver is reported to have arrived at the Audi garage in Hanover with the cash in an envelope ready to buy the car. Deciding to take one more test drive before buying the car, he set off with the envelope on the back seat of the car. Unfortunately, the envelope blew open and €23,000 or £20,600 flew from the car into the path of oncoming motorists.

Police closed the road in both directions for half an hour to search for the missing money and all but 3,000 euros or £2,665 was recovered. Subsequently, the police have warned the public against scavenging along the motorway for the missing notes, pointing out that it would be illegal to keep them.

The driver of the Audi however, may have to cough up more money since the police are considering charging him for their time. It is not known if he went on to buy the car.

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