Friday 29 May 2009

Citroen GT likely to be built

Citroen is to make a decision on whether or not to put its GT supercar into production "within the next four weeks," according to the firm’s product boss Vincent Besson.

The GT was first shown as a concept car at last year’s Paris motorshow, built to tie in with the car’s appearance the Gran Turismo 5 PlayStation game.

Designed by Takumi Yamamoto, it was not initially meant for production, but now Citroen is considering building it. If Citoren decides to go ahead with the GT, which according to Besson is very likely, it will build up to 15 of them and each will cost around €1,000,000 each (£870,000), a price that could allow Citroen to break even on the project.

“The object of the car is not to earn money but not to lose money either,” said Besson.

Unlike the GT concept which used electric motors, power would come from a Ford or General Motors supplied V8 - Citroen is still deciding on which engine to use – with around 500bhp.

Citroen already has what Besson described as "customer interest" in the car, and if it gets the go ahead it will be unveiled at the Frankfurt motorshow in September with the first deliveries next year.

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