Friday 29 May 2009

Scrappage scheme sells 35,000 cars in first 2 weeks (UK)

The UK scrappage scheme has sold 35,000 extra cars since its introduction under two weeks ago, according to the Government. This amounts to more than a tenth of the £300m allocated until March 2010.

Car sales have suffered due to the global downturn and scrappage scheme was announced in the April budget, in a bid to boost the industry. The Government said 1 in 5 orders in the first two weeks of the scheme were scrappage orders. Ministers said they were “very pleased” with the take-up, although the industry remained cautious.

A spokesman for the SMMT said it was important not to get "too over-excited". "We’ve seen indications that some manufacturers have had a positive increase in orders and we are encouraged by what has been announced. However, we would like to leave it a couple of months to see how things develop," said the spokesman.

Business Secretary Lord Mandelson said: "The scrappage scheme has got off to a flying start. It has given car sales a major boost and offers consumers a great deal. "Even after two weeks, the sales figures are impressive. As it operates on a first come, first served basis and can not last forever, consumers should get in sooner rather than later for these great deals."


Car Scrappage Scheme said...

Of course this is great news but despite a perfect credit rating, my application for finance was still declined because I am self employed and I do not have 3 years full accounts.

I really wanted a new car but quite frankly I am gutted by this.


Laguna said...

Hmm. My Dad said he wouldn't take up the offer due to the interest rate on the laon. If a 0% APR loan was available alongside the £2,000, he would take it up.

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