Thursday 5 August 2010

Honda Legend/Acura RL won't be aborted

2006 Honda Legend
Following rumours, Honda has denied that it is planning to kill-off the slow-selling Legend executive saloon.

The V6 model is rumoured to be close to an end-of-production run, but Honda chief executive officer, Takanobu Ito says the car is “a necessary model for the U.S” and points out that it has a “small but strong fan base in Japan".

2009 Honda Legend
Rumours over the plan to drop the model in Japan have also increased assumption about its future in the U.S as well.

The Legend, Acura RL in the U.S, is Acura's flagship sedan but Honda has only sold 872 RLs through the first six months of this year. The car was dropped in the UK last year after similarly slow sales. Stupidly, the Legend arrived in the UK with a 3.5 litre VTEC V6 petrol engine.

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