Saturday 14 August 2010

Other car companies eager on Lotus Evora platform

According to European operations boss Mark James, Lotus Engineering has received “a few” questions from other car firms wanting to utilise the Evora platform as a basis for models of their own. However, some may go with the Elise platform instead. Mark James says that Lotus does not pursue third-party businesses such as this, but that it’s “always happy to talk”.

The Evora's wheelbase is 275mm longer than the Elise’s, but that space goes to the interior and engine bay. Around 75mm goes towards the driver’s seat travel, a V6 engine instead of an in-line 4 cylinders and enough rear legroom for a passenger up to 5ft tall. The overall length is 4,342mm and the boot can hold a full set of golf clubs. The Evora can be had in both 2+0 and 2+2 configurations.

The Evora chassis uses Elise ideology; it’s a self-supporting, bonded and rapt structure that combines folded sheet aluminium and extrusions.

This time, it is made in three pieces. A rear structure houses the V6 engine and a compact double wishbone rear suspension. A bolt-on front structure carries the double wishbone front suspension and provides a crash structure, which has proved a huge success in crash testing. The Evora suspension is an ultra-modern assembly of forged aluminium wishbones coil-over shock absorbers and specially designed uprights.

Via Autocar

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