Monday 23 August 2010

Kia recalls SOUL crossover due to steering defects (U.S)

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has commenced an assessment in a potential steering fault on approximately 51,182 2010 KIA Soul models.

The feds said they received one complaint from an owner who purchased a 2 month old 2010 Kia Soul with 4,300 miles on the clock. The owner said the steering shaft detached itself from the hand wheel and fell into a position that hindered with the brake pedal, ensuing in complete brake and steering loss.

"ODI (Office of Defects Investigation) is very concerned about this failure in that it occurred without warning on a new vehicle at low mileage and resulted in a complete loss of steering as well as a compromised brake system. A preliminary evaluation has been opened to assess the alleged defect in the subject vehicles."

Kia issued the following statement on the NHTSA preliminary evaluation:

"Kia Motors America has been actively cooperating with NHTSA's Office of Defects Investigation since being advised by the acting director late last week that an investigation was being opened regarding the 2010 Kia Soul. Although the investigation is based on a single incident that did not result in an accident or injury, the entire Kia Motors organization — including our supplier base — is reviewing manufacturing processes with the goal of quickly determining if there is a manufacturing cause and preventing the issue from reoccurring. KMA is committed to sharing information and findings with NHTSA's ODI on an ongoing basis in order to reach a prompt resolution."

No international models have been affected.

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