Tuesday 10 August 2010

One in eight trust their GPS (UK)

According to Manheim Auctions, 1 in 8 British drivers trust their GPS systems, despite over half owning or using a satellite navigation system. This is because over a third of Britons have got lost while relying on their navigation system. Around 15% fail to attend a vital event such as a wedding, job interview or first date.

Research also suggests that 30% of drivers confessed that their GPS system caused frustration among fellow passengers. The research follows the recent announcement that actor Brian Blessed will be the voice of all TomTom car navigation systems from October.

“The sat-nav has revolutionised the way we navigate from A to B and has quickly become the car navigation gadget of choice,” commented Craig Mailey, Client Services & Marketing Director, Manheim Auctions.

“However, it’s always wise to exercise a degree of caution when using one and not follow it blindly. Some destinations cannot be pinpointed exactly and we’ve all heard horror stories of people stuck in dangerous places because they’ve only paid attention to the voice and not the road around them.”

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