Sunday 8 August 2010

Road accidents rocket thanks to women (UK)

According to car insurance company Sheilas' Wheels, 29% of men confessed to being distracted by low-cut tops and short skirts in the Summer weather, leading to record numbers of collisions on the road, and it’s worse each year - in 2009 men made 16.4% more claims during the Summer than in any other month.

Sheilas’ Wheels also found that a quarter of men have had at least one summertime accident or very near miss in the last five years, compared to a mere 17% of women.

Behavioural psychologist Donna Dawson clarified: "Research shows that men are far more easily distracted behind the wheel than women. Men are more visually orientated and so distractions such as an attractive woman walking down the street can quickly take their attention away from driving and the job in hand.

"Testosterone also plays a part, as it makes men more prone to aggression, especially when frustrated by a confined space such as a car - and men are quicker than women to expose such irritability in hot weather."

A representative from Sheilas' Wheels said: "In the summer men are significantly more likely than women to claim during the summer months - often as a result of wandering eyes. We urge all motorists to keep their eyes on the road - regardless of outside distractions - and keep cool behind the wheel.

"A car is a dangerous weapon in the hands of a distracted driver and a momentary lapse can lead to a lifetime of regret if a serious accident occurs."

In addition to skimpy/low cut clothing, the report also blamed warm weather for increased road rage. More than 20% of men said they were more likely to get aggressive while behind the wheel in Summer than any other season. Any the other hand, women are less concerned by warm weather and the sight of topless guys. Only 3% of women admitted to being unfocused by a man in Summer clothing.

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