Monday 2 August 2010

New Car: 2011 Nissan X-Trail facelift

Nissan has revised the X-Trail SUV with extensive updates to keep up with competition in the European market.

Like the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) X-Trail, the European model receives a remodeled grille, headlights and bumper assembly. The X-Trail is available with both bi-xenon and halogen headlamps and the background of the headlamp cluster is painted black on all grades and fog lamps are mounted below the headlights, recessed in the bumper.

At the rear, the X-Trail’s distinctive vertical lights have been updated to incorporate LED light technology for the running lights and braking, improving visibility and, therefore, safety. The indicator is incorporated into the lower portion of the light assembly, with the running/brake lights to the outside of it.

The new X-Trail now gets 10 spoke 18” alloy wheel design, to give more presence on the road. A small increase in tyre width has led to a slight widening of the wheelarch moulding. X-Trail Acenta obtains new double 5-spoke 17” alloy wheels. Due to the external changes, the newcomer is 10mm longer at the front and 10mm taller due to the increase in tyre width and diameter.

Internally, improved materials and better colour coordination at to an upscale feel. The materials used for the switch surrounds on the steering wheel, around the gear selector and on the door-mounted armrest have all been improved for better touch feeling, while thicker, soft-touch materials have been chosen for the cloth seats.

The stitching on the leather interior gives a more premium feel than before. A revised speedometer is bigger and clearer and engine speed readouts at enhanced quality. A new drive computer with a white-on-black display is added for maximum clarity. The computer offers a series of useful information for the driver, including: fuel economy, outside temperature (including ice warning function), cruising range, average speed and a reminder to take a break. The drive computer screen can also display additional information such as warnings for low fuel, parking brake, undetected Intelligent Key and open door, as well as vital maintenance information, such as tyre maintenance, low oil and a service reminder.

Vitally, rear occupant comfort has been improved thanks to redesigned front seats, creating an additional 10mm of knee-room, without negotiating on comfort for the front seat occupants. Even the rear tonneau cover material has been upgraded.

The heated and cooled glovebox and cupholders have been reworked to offer quicker heating and cooling. Heated rear seats are now fitted as standard on Tekna models.

Nissan-Renault’s 2.0 dCi 173bhp diesel engine has significant updates to comply with Euro5 emission regulations. A key innovation is the addition of an extra injector port, taking the total number to seven, while the piston bowl has been adapted for the new injector configuration.

The manual gearbox has revised ratios for a better compromise between acceleration, fuel economy and emissions, while the automatic gearbox has been modified for reduced friction. An additional feature is the gearchange indicator function in the drive computer screen, showing drivers when to change gear for optimised economy. Thanks to better underbody aerodynamics, X-Trail’s Cd is reduced from 0.36 to 0.35.

Speaking about the updates to Nissan’s X-TRAIL, Vincent Wijnen Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Nissan Europe, said: “All of these changes will reinforce the X-TRAIL as one of the few genuine compact SUVs which can just as comfortably tackle the demands of everyday family life, as it can a muddy, slippery track when it transports a family for a weekend of adventure. X-TRAIL customers love it for its ease and convenience of daily use, no matter what situation they find themselves in. With these revisions to Nissan’s X-TRAIL, there is even more to love about X-TRAIL.”

Deliveries for the revamped X-Trail start in October.

Japanese models receive similar updates, in addition to new colour options and more standard features. While the petrol engine hasn’t been touched, the X-Trail 20GT 2.0 litre diesel now gets a 6 speed automatic transmission. The 173bhp engine produces 360Nm (265lb-ft) of torque. Nissan has also updated its "Advanced Hill Descent Control" which is now fitted with a speed-setting function.

Japanese prices start at ¥2,239,650 (£16,300), rising to ¥3,139,500 (£22,800).

2011 Nissan X-Trail facelift (Japan):

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