Saturday 25 September 2010

2011 Nissan Micra platform to underpin sedan and sub-compact MPV

New information has surfaced of the forthcoming sub-compact saloon and MPV that will underline the all-new Micra/March small-car platform.

The ‘V’ platform – short for versatile – it intended to adapt the structure for different body styles. The ‘V’ platform will ultimately generate production of a million vehicles annually, Nissan envisage.

The first vehicle to be conceived is a 4dr supermini saloon which will be launched in 2011. The car will primarily be designed for the Asian market (Japan, India, Thailand, Pakistan, South Korea, China etc). The car may arrive in Europe, particularly Eastern Europe (Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Romania etc) where supermini sedans are big business. UK sales are a possibility, despite the limited appeal of small, three-box models but Irish sales are likely.

These spy shots show a prototype covered in tape but by the look of things, the Micra sedan will look just as conservative as its hatchback counterpart. This website claims the Micra saloon will be powered by engines larger than 1.5 litres, which is incorrect since the 'V' platform can only support engine sizes of 1.2 litres and less.

A replacement for the Note supermini MPV will certainly arrive in UK dealerships. Insider claim it will be slightly shorter than the current model but will provide similar interior space, an advantage of the V platform’s improved space efficiency which part-stems from a more compactly packaged fuel tank and a pedal-box located closer to the car’s nose.

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