Wednesday 1 September 2010

Audi increasing A1 production

Audi will be increasing the production of its A1 supermini, to meet early demand.

Audi’s sales executive, Peter Schwarzenbauer also approved plans for the A1 to be sold in China and the U.S. China will see the car launch in mid-2012, however, the U.S is likely to see the A1 in its second generation. Originally, Audi discarded the idea of selling the A1 outside of Europe.

Schwarzenbauer said production had been boosted by 20% at Audi’s Brussels factory, where the A1 is produced. The firm initially penned to manufacture 100,000 A1s annually from 2012. This year will see around 50,000 being built when production started in May and 80,000 in 2011.

In addition, Audi has received over 150,000 interests in the A1 from customers internationally and this persuaded Audi to expand sales outside of Europe.

The A1 is in place to become the biggest-selling car in Audi’s history and will launch in the UK in October; about the same time as the revised Mini, with a price tag of £13,145. Schwarzenbauer said earlier this year that early A1 demand was likely to outstrip supply and 90% of buyers were new to the new Audi brand.

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