Wednesday 8 September 2010

Aston Martin pondering Lagonda sedan, Cygnet confirmed for U.S

According to a report, Aston Martin’s line-up will be revised with the addition of a few new models.

Following the decease of the Mercedes GL based Lagonda SUV concept, the Lagonda will be revived as a sedan, underpinning an extended platform of the Rapide sedan.

Coupe wise, the Vantage will endure a minor facelift in 2011 before a full redesign happens in 2014/2015. A new DB9/DB10 will debut in 2013 with styling inspired by the One-77 supercar.

Despite previous reports, Aston Martin will allegedly sell the Cygnet in the U.S. The Cygnet will be sold as a 2012 model and will cost around $35,000.

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