Saturday 25 September 2010

Audi could sell 10,000 more cars (UK)

Audi UK is claiming it could sell 10,000 more cars this year if factory shortages in mainland Europe didn’t hold back supply. Audi UK has many more customers than production slots allocated for four key models; A3 hatch, Q5 compact SUV, Q7 large SUV and the A8.

“We’re having a great year, but forecast that we could sell up to 7,000 and 10,000 more cars this year if we had the supply,” says a spokesman for the company.

The A8 is being affected by strong early demand from China. The A8 has been planned with a pre-arranged production level and suppliers, mainly of interior parts, can only perform orders tied to that level of output.

With a inadequate production level, China is taking in a larger than predicted share of the output and a unplanned effect will delay the launch of the long-wheelbase A8 in the UK.

Usually Audi UK can fill slots in its demand by taking on factory build-slots that other countries don’t need. “But that’s not happening this year. All the countries are selling well and there’s no sign of extra capacity being freed-up for the UK,” says the spokesman.

To the end of August, Audi has registered 65,850 cars, a 15% increase over 2009.

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