Saturday 11 September 2010

Daihatsu to recall 581,000 K-cars (JP)

Daihatsu, Toyota’s budget brand, is recalling more than 580,000 kei-cars (city-cars) due to concerns regarding the rear lights.

The orange colour on the indicator lights are fading fast due to rapid oxidation, causing them to turn white and confusing fellow motorists. To add insult to injury, Toyota decided to use clear bulbs, meaning that once the oxidation has set in, other motorists no longer see amber indicators and instead see a dull, white light.

The total number of vehicles called back is 435,423 1995 – 2000 Move and 145,769 1998 – 2000 Mira models.

We imagine in order to save money, Toyota will only be replacing the bulbs, not the rear light clusters. Although the light output will still be significantly reduced by as much as 60 to 75% , the light emitted from the tail lamps will be orange, rather than white.

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